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Thanks to:
Martin Wong (Thumbnail photo):

Special Thanks to:
Phoenix Comic Con 2015 for putting on an awesome show:
Amie Lynn (Disney Princess Snow White Assassin’s Creed):
Leaping Lizard (Disney Princess Rapunzel Assassin’s Creed):
Meagan Cosplay (Pokemon Espeon Gijinka):
Jessica Nigri (Pokemon Umbreon Gijinka):
Jessica Huard (Suicide Squad Harley Quinn ):
Lindsay Elyse (Black widow; Syndra):
Khainsaw (Moxxi):
Vensy (Mafia Jinx):
Henchmen Props (Reaper):
Dara Defreitas (Adventure Time):
Lyz Brickley (Adventure Time):
Megustaguy (Adventure Time):
Kristen Lanae (Princess Peach):

Music by: Phazz – Lionheart
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