Les Sectes en Corée (c'est chaud quand même)

Les Sectes en Corée (c'est chaud quand même)

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Sources que j’aurais aimer utiliser:

Les Inconnus – Les sectes | lesinconnusVEVO : https://youtu.be/dOJwGl3yLMU

Les Inconnus – Jésus II le retour | lesinconnusVEVO : https://youtu.be/-xSORIDw1Sg


Vraies sources / Pour aller plus loin:

Guns For God: The Church of the AR-15 | VICE : https://youtu.be/-w2kSlpXjng

Inside the Gun-Worshipping Moonie Church That Wants to MAGA | VICE News : https://youtu.be/n_JhtYm3-zY

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Who is Lee Man-hee and why is his secretive church linked to half South Korea’s coronavirus cases? | South China Morning Post : https://youtu.be/jzaDZwco1Qw

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How epiphany on a Seoul mountain in 1955 laid the foundation for many religious sects in South Korea | Entertainment & News : https://youtu.be/UiE0tO2QOvc

Introduction To The Yoido Full Gospel Church : https://youtu.be/MMa-6AD5an8

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WGR Group- ‘Honesty, Sincerity, Diligence Before God & men’ | TGrace Road Church: https://youtu.be/YppZ600O35Y

WSéminaire Biblique Novembre 2021 5ème Jour | TLIFE WORD MISSION FRANCE Paris : hhttps://youtu.be/rq794GLSFDw

Moonies Cult Exposed – cult documentary | R Cult Documentary Archive
: https://youtu.be/M1qAfhF1RsY

100,000 Graduation ceremony of Shincheonji | SCJ Czech : https://youtu.be/mcx6r_j2TKk

100,000 Graduation Ceremony of Shincheonji Church | Shincheonji Church of Jesus : https://youtu.be/ZtlaHmepRRE

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My Faith & God-given Faith – Manmin Central Chruch, Dr.Jaerock Lee | GCNTV English : https://youtu.be/WXNDMYmPd9k

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천부교 박태선 장로님의 부흥집회 -1- [역사다큐] | 천부교 [chunbukyo] : https://youtu.be/pM6jkQ9qLFo

village abondonné de Courbefy | drone de limousin : https://youtu.be/jukGZzF2STI

Dami Church :


Word Mission :




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