Cosplay: Demon Slayer Homura Cover (English short ver.)

Cosplay: Demon Slayer Homura Cover (English short ver.)

*** For more information about the video and music please read the description below. Thank you.

A short cover of Homura. Took a long time due to lots of unforeseen events. Might be a good thing though since it is a bit of a spoiler and the rollout for the movie globally is a lot slower than usual. So please don’t want it if you plan to watch the movie later. Anyways please enjoy~

Cosplayers/Vocals: Gyun

Should be heading back to the US mid-next year if there isn’t any world-changing event happening again. If you know anyone that needs a video guy to hire give me a poke~ for extra stuff. Want to fund my passion for producing beautiful cosplay videos? Please tips for the price of a coffee. Thanks

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