World's ONLY Hot Spring Where Cute Wild Monkeys Bathe 🐵♨️ Hell Valley, Japan スノーモンキーパーク 地獄谷野猿公苑 温泉

World's ONLY Hot Spring Where Cute Wild Monkeys Bathe 🐵♨️ Hell Valley, Japan スノーモンキーパーク 地獄谷野猿公苑 温泉

Snow Monkey Park, Jigokudani (スノーモンキーパーク 地獄谷野猿公苑) is the only hot spring in the world where you can see wild Japanese monkeys bathing in hot springs (温泉に入浴する野生のニホンザル).
It’s located in Yudanaka, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (湯田中 長野県 日本). It can only be seen during the cold and snowy winter. 🐒❄️
Which monkey in the video do you think is the cutest? Comment and tell me! 🙈🙊🙉 ♨️

You can check if the monkeys are bathing in the hot spring with the live camera on the official website. There are also other tourist attractions around Snow Monkey Park, famous hot spring & spa resorts such as Shibu Onsen and Jigokudani Onsen (渋温泉 地獄谷温泉), popular ski resorts such as Shiga Kogen (志賀高原スキー場) etc. 🐵
What is the best winter tourist destination in your country? ☺️

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Snow Monkey Park, Japan—
* The monkeys quarreled easily.
* When the hot spring feels so good, both humans and monkeys close their eyes.
* Some monkeys had good hospitality, looking straight into the camera.
* The name “Jigokudani (hell valley)” is a little scary.
* The hot spring smelled good of sulfur.
* Beware of the trap that the nearest bus stop is called “Snow Monkey Park”, but the final destination is actually still far away!
* During feeding time, no one bathed in the hot spring.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… “Japan” is the “1st” country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Nagano Station: About 1.5 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station 🚃 MAP:
* Snow Monkey Park: About 2.5 hours by train, bus and walk from Nagano Station 🚃 MAP:

🏆 Top five of the world’s best hot springs 🏆
No.1 🥇 Jigokudani, Japan 🇯🇵
No.2 🥈 MÝvatn, Iceland 🇮🇸
No.3 🥉 Ardabil, Iran 🇮🇷
No.4 🏅 Yellowstone, US 🇺🇸
No.5 🏅 El Tatio, Chile 🇨🇱
Source: TNT Magazine, Travel destinations: Top five of the world’s best hot springs,

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0:00 Let’s go see the monkeys bathing in the hot springs 温泉に入るニホンザル
2:26 Snow Monkey Park, Jigokudani, Nagano, Japan スノーモンキーパーク 地獄谷野猿公苑 湯田中 長野 日本
4:17 Monkeys quarrel 喧嘩するおサルさん
4:59 Cute little monkeys 可愛い子猿
8:19 Feeding time for the monkeys お猿さんにエサやり

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