Most Expensive Private Room on Japan

Most Expensive Private Room on Japan's Longest Overnight Bus 😪 16 Hour Travel Vlog キング・オブ・夜行バス はかた号

The Hakata Express, King of Night Bus (キング・オブ・夜行バス はかた号) is one of the longest night bus trips in Japan. This time, I traveled from Hakata to Shinjuku, Tokyo on the most expensive private room called Premium Seat (福岡 博多バスターミナル→東京 バスタ新宿 最高級個室 プレミアムシート). It is about 1,100km (684 miles) trip that takes about 15 hours. The bus I got on was an old model vehicle, but the seat was comfortable with individual curtains and automatic reclining. (I’ll make a video of the bus trip on the new model Hakata Express as well) The bus has only 4 premium seats, so it’s better to book as soon as you plan your trip.

“I had a dream of my ass coming off” … The bus trip was so long and harsh that a guy made this famous quote on a super-popular Japanese TV show(水曜どうでしょう), and Hakata Express became famous as “King of Night Bus”.

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Hakata Express, Japan—
* My a🍑s didn’t come off
* I didn’t dream about my a🍑s coming off either as the Premium Seat was so comfortable.
* The Hakata Express is usually the second longest bus trip in Japan, but due to a traffic accident, it became the longest in Japan only that day.
* I really appreciate and respect the drivers’ hard work.
* Although the fare is almost the same as (just slightly cheaper than) that of bullet trains, airplanes, or toll roads, I like night bus trip because it has its own unique travel experience.
* The nostalgic old model vehicle wasn’t bad at all, but next time, I’d like to try riding the new model Hakata Express as well.
* After getting off “King of Night Bus”, eating “Queen of Breakfast”. Good flow.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… “Japan” is the “1st” country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Hakata Bus Terminal: One minute walk from Hakata Station on JR line. 🚃 MAP:
* Sarabeth’s Shinjuku: One minute walk from Shinjuku Station and Shinjuku Bus Terminal 🍽 MAP:

🏆 Longest Night Buses in Japan TOP10 🏆
No.1 🥇 Orion Bus (No.8021 or 8022): 1,110km (690miles)
No.2 🥈 King of Night Bus, Hakata Express: 1,097km (682miles)
No.3 🥉 Hagi Express: 1,001km (622miles)
No.4 🏅 AT LINER: 920km (572miles)
No.5 🏅 Orange Liner: 919km (571miles)
No.6 🏅 Shimanto Express: 919km (571miles)
No.7 🏅 JAM JAM LINER: 905km (562miles)
No.8 🏅 Forest: 888km (552miles)
No.9 🏅 Dream Kochi & Tokushima: 868km (539miles)
No.10🏅 Orion Bus (No.7041, 7051, 7042 or 7052): 855km (535miles)
Source: mediavague Co., ltd. 乗りものニュース, 「超長距離夜行バス」5選,

Thanks for watching! 😉

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0:00 Depart from Hakata Bus Terminal 博多バスターミナルから博多号に乗車
1:01 King of Night Bus, Hakata Express, Premium Seat キング・オブ・夜行バス はかた号 プレミアムシート
3:23 Amenities アメニティ
6:39 Restroom バス車内のトイレ
9:40 Arrival at Shinjuku Bus Terminal in Tokyo and eating Sarabeth’s Eggs Benedict, Queen of Breakfast in NY 東京 バスタ新宿に到着 & ニューヨークの朝食の女王、サラベスのエッグベネディクトを食べる

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