Most Expensive Overnight Bus in Japan 😪 Only 11 First Class Seats💺 Dream Sleeper ドリームスリーパー 夜行バス 個室

Most Expensive Overnight Bus in Japan 😪 Only 11 First Class Seats💺 Dream Sleeper ドリームスリーパー 夜行バス 個室

Dream Sleeper (ドリームスリーパー) is a luxury overnight bus hotel (高速バス 夜行バス) with the most expensive first class seats in Japan! (日本で一番高いファーストクラス席).
This time, I traveled about 550 km (340 miles) from Tokyo to Osaka, taking 8 hours (大阪→東京). No shoes allowed on the bus. And when you close the individual door, your seat will become a private room. (土足禁止 完全個室).
Right now, it only runs on weekends, so I recommend checking the official website as soon as you decide on your travel plans.

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Osaka to Tokyo on the Dream Sleeper—
* No shoes allowed (Carpeted floor)
* The large windows were well cleaned, not even a water stain.
* It was great that it became a completely private room when you closed the door.
* There were too many buttons for reclining.
* The warm water shower toilet and powder room were super clean.
* I didn’t hear anyone else snoring.
* I really appreciate the drivers’ hard work.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… “Japan” is the “1st” country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Osaka Station: About 30 minutes by limousine bus or monorail, JR and Hankyu Line from Itami Airport 🚃 MAP:
* Ikebukuro Station: About 40 minutes by limousine bus or monorail and JR from Haneda Airport 🚃 MAP:

🏆 Top 5 Selections of Japan’s Best Luxury Buses 🏆
No.1 🏅 Dream Sleeper ドリームスリーパー
No.2 🏅 Dream Relier (Precious Class) ドリームルリエ プレシャスクラス
No.3 🏅 Reborn リボーン
No.4 🏅 Luxia ラクシア
No.5 🏅 Grancia First グランシアファースト
Source: LCL, Inc. バスとりっぷ, 高くても一度は乗りたい! 豪華・高級高速バス特選5車両【東京~大阪】,

Thanks for watching! 😉

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0:00 Riding on Japan’s Overnight Hotel Bus, Dream Sleeper 超豪華な夜行バスのドリームスリーパーに乗車
1:40 First Class private room, Most Expensive seat 一番高い個室(ファーストクラスの完全個室席)
2:59 Depart from Osaka Station 大阪駅のバスターミナルを出発
7:13 Clean powder room and toilet 清潔なパウダールームとトイレ
9:01 Arrived at Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo 東京、池袋駅に到着

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