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The audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label. No money was exchanged and the video was done purely with the appreciation of the people in the video and appreciation for the respective artist as a fan.

Filmed with handheld camera. I didn’t get a chance again to use a steadicam due to the crowds and the heat.

Special thanks to:
Ladee Danger (Nidalee, Pool Party Vayne):
9 Lives Armory (Kayle):
Oki Cospi (Pool Party Nidalee):
Missyeru (Genderbend Jayce):
Shinrajunkie (Genderbend Jinx):
Meagan Marie (Justicar Syndra):
Lindsay Elyse (Debonair Ezreal):
Ieatkeyblades Cosplay (Officer Vi):
Kahsan Cosplay (Officer Caitlyn):
Drastic Link (Pool Party Zed):
Annshella Cosplay (Panda Annie):
Fake Nerd Boy (Genderbend Vi):
Feoranna Cosplay (Red Card Katarina):
Kazzy Cosplay (Genderbend Volibear):
LiuLius Cosplay (Pool Party Heartseeker Ashe):
Fisticuffs Cosplay (Garen):
Michiko Cosplay (Pool Party Ahri):
Nova Star Cosplay (Pool Party Fiora):
LuisMakesGames (Battle Bunny Ezreal):
Raging WaffleZ (Spectacular Sivir):

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Source Chaine Youtube MLZ Studios

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