Cutest Duck and Cherry Blossom Petals on the River 🦆🌸 Japan Travel VLOG Sakura 桜 開花 満開 花見 弘前公園 花筏

Cutest Duck and Cherry Blossom Petals on the River 🦆🌸 Japan Travel VLOG Sakura 桜 開花 満開 花見 弘前公園 花筏

Cherry blossoms (Sakura 桜) bloom from late March to April in Japan (3月下旬から4月に開花). When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom (満開), we enjoy “Hanami (花見)”, a traditional Japanese custom where people gather under cherry trees and enjoy eating and drinking. Hirosaki Park (弘前公園) or Hirosaki Castle (弘前城) is one of the most popular cherry blossom spots in Japan (日本の桜の名所) where about 2,600 cherry trees bloom (約三千本桜の木が咲く). When the cherry blossom petals fall, you can see a beautiful phenomenon called “Hanaikada (花筏)”, which means flower rafts – cherry blossom petals on the river.

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
—Hirosaki Park, Japan—
* There were already many photographers at 5:00 am.
* The best photo spot was the southeast corner of the moat.
* It was cold before sunrise.
* When the wind blew, the water surface shook and it was difficult to take nice pictures.
* Not only the moat but also the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park were beautiful.
* The ducks were so cute.
* You can see the cherry blossom blizzard at the same time.

A challenge to visit every country in the world… « Japan » is the « 1st » country that I visited out of all the 196 counties in the world.

☆How to get to this place☆
* Hirosaki Station: About 2.5 hours by airplane and bus from Tokyo Haneda Airport. ✈️ MAP:
* Hirosaki Castle: About 15 minutes by bus from Hirosaki Station. 🚌 MAP:

🏆 Japan’s 10 Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots 🏆
No.1 🥇 Hirosaki Park, Aomori 弘前公園 青森
No.2 🥈 Meguro River, Tokyo 目黒川沿い 東京
No.3 🥉 Keage Incline, Kyoto 蹴上インクライン 京都
No.4 🏅 Yoshino Mountains, Nara 吉野山 中千本 奈良
No.5 🏅 Arakurayama Sengen Park, Yamanashi 新倉山浅間公園 山梨
No.6 🏅 Hikone Castle, Shiga 彦根城 滋賀
No.7 🏅 Takato Castle Ruins Park, Nagano 高遠城址公園 長野
No.8 🏅 Nagashino, Aichi 長篠 河津桜並木 愛知
No.9 🏅 Lake Biwa Canal, Shiga 琵琶湖疏水 滋賀
No.10🏅 Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto 高台寺 京都
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Thanks for watching! 😉

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0:00 Hirosaki Park, One of the 3 Most Famous Cherry Blossom Spots in Japan, Sakura Travel Vlog 弘前公園 日本三大桜名所のひとつ 花見 開花 満開 見頃 花筏 おすすめ 2022

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