WATCH IN HD! Colossalcon part 2 of 2. This video was collaboratively produced by Kevin’s Visuals and MLZ Studios.

Kevin’s Visuals:
MLZ Studios:

Special Thanks:
Donnell, Chris & Sonnya
Kalahari Staff
Colossalcon 2014:
Kalahari Resorts:
KO Cosplay (Wartortle Gijinka):
Byndo Gehk (Pool Party Fiora, Totodile Gijinka):
Vicious Cosplay (Dragonair Gijinka):
Naiiki (Dewgong Gijinka):
Hailey S (Gyrados Gijinka):
Zacloudseth (Pool Party Twisted Fate, Feraligatr Gijinka):
Gillykins (Red Sonja):
Eleventh Photograph (Cave Man dude with the fur sash, just kidding. Conan!):
Bindi Smalls (Tera):
Sox Cosplay and Props (Tera):
Malindachan (Professor Oak & Moltres Gijinka):
Chinasaur (Nudist Beach Satsuki – Kill la Kill):
Visored (Tsumugu – Kill la Kill):
Kitsukat (Evangelion):
Mathi (JunJun from Sailor Moon):

Music by: Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (Hyperbits Remix)
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The audio content in this video belongs to the respective recording artist and record label. No money was exchanged and the video was done purely with the appreciation for the people in the video and appreciation to the respective artist as a fan.

Source Chaine Youtube MLZ Studios

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